Selusta is a small but mighty software company (Software Design and Manufacturing (62010)). Our goal is to offer solutions that are as simple but technically advanced as possible.

We contact our customers actively and develop our services constantly. Our team of two is experienced and full of diverse expertise. We currently operate remotely, because it is trendy and affordable for the company. Our dream is to, one day, open an office on the top of a mountain or a hill, yet helping customers worldwide. It is easy to do business with us since the name of all the Selusta employees is Juho.

We do not run on diesel or solar power but using modern agile development methods such as pear programming and stand-ups. Jokes aside – after the work is done, the customer has a working solution, documentation, source code, a good mood and a solid invoice. Most of the technology we use is open source to ensure functionality and compatibility, which is also nice because the customer is not left with a big stack of license fees to pay.

Contact Us
👋 hei@selusta.com